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Snow Management Group - Snow Removal Service


For over 35 Years the Snow Management Group has provided snow and ice removal services to commercial, residential, and property management companies throughout Virginia, Maryland, and D.C.

Premier snow management by SMG means that your customers, employees, suppliers and residents will arrive safely. SMG clears the way for you to conduct business. Parking areas, access roads, walkways and entrances get immediate and constant attention throughout any snow & ice storm. At SMG we specialize in commercial, residential and property management snow & ice removal. We are organized, well staffed and fully equipped to handle the toughest winter storms. We know your business can't afford to shut down just because of snow. SMG is your premier snow removal company with over 35 years of experience. We take a proactive approach towards snow removal months before the weather turns cold. We work with you to complete a comprehensive snow and ice removal management plan, tailored to your needs. Months prior to the first snowfall we walk the property, mapping it, flagging all curbs, driveways, sidewalks and other obstacles that can't be seen under snow.

Our team of professionals are highly qualified, knowledgeable of all the equipment, and will do on site troubleshooting as needed. We use the latest meteorological technology. We know in advance when and where the storm will be. We will be on your property and stay there until the storm has passed and all snow has been removed from the roads, parking lots and walkways. We maintain a local warehouse with sand and salt. We maintain the largest snow removal fleet in the area.

We keep a fully documented paper trail for each property. Snow totals, weather and site conditions, and truck logs. So if a question were to arise we will have the answer. With the worst storm in 100 years in 2009/2010 we had a 100% success rate with all our customers. We don't only monitor the weather forecast leading up to a storm, but we plan according to when and where the weather will hit and what's going to happen after the storm. We can save your budget by managing the snow and ice removal no matter if it's a light snow fall or if it's an arctic blast. We are your complete snow removal company whether you're commercial, residential or a property management company. We have the equipment to take care of all of your snow & removal needs.

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